Ramsha Majeed

Ramsha was born and raised in the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan, until she moved to South Africa with her family. When not writing epic adventures, she is trying to get through grad school in pharmacology. Other than reading books, she also enjoys manga, watching anime, consuming unhealthy amount of tea, and spicy food.

Dave Nicholson

Dave is a writer of speculative fiction, exploring themes of class-divides, corrupt governments and underdogs through sci-fi and fantasy. As well as writing novels, Dave also works on screenplays. Dave grew up in Dundee, Scotland.

Darren Kelly

Darren grew up in Scotland but had lived in New Zealand for the last five years where he has focused on writing science fiction and horror stories for young-adults. When not writing novels, screenplays, or songs, Darren can be found in his garden growing more vegetables than any one person could consume in a lifetime.

Toni Mobley

Toni was born in the United States, and has lived in Australia and Japan. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games and watching horror films. She is passionate about experimenting with new recipes, reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, and writing about anything and everything. She currently resides in California.

Nick Jones

Nick grew up in Cheshire before moving to Canada for 3 years. He has filmed the army, been to the Arctic, worked on a burger stand at the world’s largest rodeo and written for both a board game and a video game. When he isn’t writing horror fantasy adventures or reading, he loves a good horror film, cooking lasagne and spending time with his wife and extremely small dog, Jojo. He currently lives on a farm in Doncaster, UK.

Jamie Seitz

Jamie is a middle grade and young adult fiction author.  Besides writing, her talents include being an expert maker of guacamole and the perfect mixed CD for any road trip, knitting extremely long scarves (not hats or sweaters...just scarves), and a knack for finding the funny in everyday life. She lives in Iowa with her husband, four teens, two dogs, two cats, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Jamie loves to travel with her family and their yearly two-week road trip vacations often serve as inspiration for her books.  You can contact Jamie through her website at